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Juan Agustín Maza University26/08/2013

Our history

On 4th May, 1960, The University Juan Agustín Maza was born as a civil society without means of profits, whose motif, “Horno res sacra homini” (The man is sacred for the man), was the principle rule of its development. From that foundational identity it has run more than half a century of enriching and silent growth, generous in producing graduates of proven idea, who are the best proof of the work that all its members, whose ideals are, making men and women of good will, whose goals are freedom, intellectual independence, humanism, ethical sense, hospitality and justice.

Those people who were students in the past, and now are teachers or authorities can tell of the transformation and growth of the University, that started with two faculties and , now it has two important venues: Gran Mendoza and Valle de Uco, 9 faculties, a high school and a Language Center.


Obey with integrity the task of making ethical professionals compromised with the well being, with aptitudes to do research and to be creative, as well as to be able to improve the quality of life and favor the social development.


  • Humbleness
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Education quality
  • Human education
  • Human responsibility


Rector, Daniel Miranda
Academic Vice Chancellor : Viviana Catalano
Vice Chancellor Extension: Mónica Torrecilla


  • Faculty of Engineering
    The Faculty of Engineering has 48 years of experience making successful professionals, with studying programmes permanently up-dated; orientation and disciplinary tutoring Systems, research, extension and laboratory scholarships, paid internships, professional practice in companies previously selected by students, supervised by NORMAS ISO 9001/08 Certification carried out by Bureau VERITAS Certification, and a quick job way out.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
    The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry has 51 years of experience being in the region. Its mission is making professionals with a solid scientific, technical and research capacity base, and that with a profound ethical sense, they will be able to understand actively the relation science- technology and society. The careers are also given credits by CONEAU, which indicates its obedience with the quality standards that guarantee an excellent professional formation.
  • Faculty of Nutritional Sciences
    From the year 1973, it is the unique Faculty of Nutritional Sciences in the province. Its mission is to form professionals with a profound scientific knowledge, committed with the improvement of the quality of life of the population, conscious of their social responsibility and able to produce the necessary modifications in the place that favors the well being. Its academic bachelor programmes and postgraduate studies allow our graduates to be placed within the labour force fields.
  • Faculty of Journalism
    From 1979, through its different academic offer of bachelor degrees programmes and postgraduate programmes, the Faculty of Journalism aims at forming professionals that have the tools that let them insert actively and from a protagonist place in the field of communication that nowadays exist. This aim is based on a human criteria mainly supported by a team of highly qualified professors, keeping a balance between a solid theoretical base and an intensive practice in managing most modern communicational resources. More than three decades of experience have allowed us reach a high prestige that is supported by the acknowledgement achieved regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Faculty of Education
    The Faculty of Education pretends educate on values and attitudes, generating spaces of pedagogic reflection, formulating an integral formation of graduates in order to be able to work in different educational institutions. It has a team of teachers committed with the teaching and with the conviction that education transforms the life of people. Its graduates are recognized in different places where they develop their excellence and creativity because they were prepared for a changing world, full of challenges, difficulties and new possibilities.
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Environmental Sciences
    The Faculty of Veterinary and Environmental Sciences has as a main interest to form veterinarians with an excellent ethical and professional seal, with a service orientated aim, able to act, develop and transfer scientific and technological knowledge to the whole society.
  • Faculty of Kineosology and Physical Therapy
    The Faculty of Kineseology and Physical Therapy offers and integral formation of ethical and competent professionals in different specialities, who are able to relate efficiently in an inter and multi disciplinary team, regionally, nationally and internationally. Besides it promotes a continuous training, research development, technological transfer according to the present and future society demands.
  • Faculty of Business Sciences
    The Faculty of Business Sciences forms Computing Business Administration and Management professsionals, who have a challenging spirit and are eager to do research, are prepared to work efficiently in the different roles that organizations need and are able to improve the quality of life and the social well being.
  • Faculty of Enology and Agroindustries
    From 1965, the University Juan Agustín Maza is a pioneer in South America in the formation of generations of enologists whose wines are well-known in international markets. The Faculty of Enology and Agroindustries is recognized by its prestige at national and international level in the formation of ethical professionals who are committed with the wel-being , with attitudes to carry out research and creative processes. They are able to improve the quality of .life and favor the development of the viniculture and agrofood industry inserted in the world wide reality.

Posgraduate Studies

  • Masters Degree
  • Specializations
  • Academic Degrees

The University also offers posgraduate careers aimed at professionals to continue with their academic training.

  • Master degree in Corporative and Institutional Communications (evaluated by CONEAU)
  • Master degree in Biosecurity
  • Specialization in Teaching at University
  • Specialization in Geomática applied to the Environmental Processes.
  • Specialization in Clinic and Metabolic Nutrition.
  • Specialization in Formulation and Management of the Quality of Dietetic Foods
  • Biomedical Specialization in Sterilization and Devices
  • Specialization in Dermocosmética
  • Specialization in Management of Human Resources
  • Diplomatura Skin and its Annexes

International Relations
Our University has agreements with these institutions.


  • Universidad del Pacífico
  • Universidad de Playa Ancha
  • Universidad Católica Temuco
  • Universidad Bernardo O”Higgins
  • Universidad de Valparaíso
  • Universidad Mayor
  • Universidad Marítima


  • Universidad de Caxias Do Sul
  • Universidad Santa Cruz do Sul
  • Universidad de Região de Campanha URCAMP


  • Universidad Cayetano Heredia


  • Universidad Manuela Beltrán


  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey


  • Universidad de TRAS-OS-MONTES E ALTO DOURO


  • Université de Bourgogne


  • Universidad de Jaén
  • Universidad de Sevilla
  • Universidad de Córdoba
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Universidad de Cádiz

Language University Center

The Language University Center, in its second year of creation, has managed to relate and cooperate with the various careers that are offered in the University. It has doubled not only the number of students coming to the language courses, but also has settled its own seal in Tunuyàn, a city which is 100 km from Mendoza capital.

From February to November, we offer these language courses:

  • French Summer course
  • English courses
  • Italian courses
  • French courses
  • Chinese courses
  • Portuguese courses
  • Language of signs
  • Sufficiency tests to Enology students

In all these courses all the students have been protagonists of their learning progress.

This center has organized an informative talk , “ Bussiness with China, myths, and opportunities” delivered by Lic. Nicolas Perinetti from PROMENDOZA last September to motivate students to take classes of Mandarin Chinese and to open their minds to the enormous possibilities that China offers.

We wish we could continue offering courses to widen our students´ perspectives as regards languages.

Department of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology of the Universidad Juan Agustín Maza’s main objective is the generation of a proper academic framework for teachers of the institution to develop excellent research projects, aimed at achieving the formation of highly trained and skills development and analytical investigations of high level.
Also, the Department of Science and Technology aims to develop research practices make an important contribution to the training of human resources. Therefore incorporating young professionals who wish to constantly start with the beautiful task of learning to investigate hand specialist teachers in different subjects, like students in character research fellows.

Vice Chancellor University Extension
Mgter. Monica Torrecilla
Area Director
Mr. Lizzet Vejling
Technical Secretary
Mary Virginia Mackern
Scientific Communication Secretary
Ms. Carolina Tomba


Main research UMaza by Faculties

  • Faculty of Business
  • Management of SMEs and regional economic development, national and international
  • Accounting information systems, economic and financial.
  • Languages and Systems.
  • School of Nutritional Sciences
  • Research and Clinical Nutrition
  • Public Health and Environment
  • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Environmental
  • Basic Sciences and General Education
  • Animal health
  • Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  • Animal Genetics
  • Zoonoses
  • Faculty of Education
  • Area Didactics and Educational Innovation
  • Technology Applied to Exercise
  • Health and Exercise Area
  • Faculty of Enology and Agribusiness
  • Viticulture, Oenology and Sustainable Development
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathologies in Human Health
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Environment and Sustainable
  • Pathologies in Human Health
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Geomatics
  • Land Management and Environmental Impact
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical
  • The Human Body Movement
  • Kinesiology and Physiotherapy applied to neurostimulation.
  • School of Journalism
  • Image and reputation of institutions: perception and measurement variables
  • Communication in organizations: strategies, actions and design and implementation
  • Media and discourse analysis: forms, codes and content
  • Theoretical models for understanding social communication phenomenological
  • The representations of art and aesthetics in advertising communication
  • Advertising as a reflection of different socio-historical contexts
  • Advertising as discipline: different theoretical approaches
  • Educational Research
  • Higher Education Management
  • Practice Teaching in Higher Education
  • Continuous teacher training and transformation of teaching practice
  • Teaching in Higher Education. Teaching in specific areas
  • Distance education.
  • Assessment and Accreditation in Higher Education
  • Inserting the student in Higher Education


The Universidad Juan Agustín Maza has two venues: Gran Mendoza Venue and Valle de Uco Venue.
Mendoza is a province of Argentina, located in the west -centered part of the country. It is part of the Cuyo Region and it is situated at the feet of the Andes Mountain Range.

Telephone: +54 261 4056240

University services

  • Student wellfare
  • University Social Responsability
  • Healthy University
  • Recreation and Sports
  • PAFU (Programme of University Physical Exercise)
  • Pedagogic Counselling
  • Employment offer website
  • Graduate programmes
  • Distance Education
  • Scholarships
  • Parking
  • Coffee shop and buffet
  • Printing Center
  • Updated Library
  • Private Transport Service
  • Language Center

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